Sunday Funday with me!

Today I took a trip to the South Austin Popular Culture Center to check out some of their awesome art work as well as their gift shop filled with interesting items like books, jewelry, clothing and room accessories! Of course we can’t forget the food! RED’s Porch hamburger was incredible and very flavorful from the atmosphere of the restaurant to the food!



A Walk to Remember

I try and make time every week to go on nature walks. These walks for me are usually my time to really breathe and see clearly of everything in my life. When I go on these walks through various trails it really helps me to let go of anything that I feel is bothering me in my mind and I think a lot of that has to do with the fresh air I am surrounded by that lets me breathe clearly, think clearly, and listen attentively as God uses nature to move through me.

This weekend I took an adventurous walk through Purgatory Creek in San Marcos, Texas. Purgatory Creek is a natural area thats made up of 3 sections: Prospect Park, Lower Purgatory and upper Purgatory. It is home to many different species of plants and animals in the San Marcos area and also is where part of the Edward’s Aquifer runs through.

I haven’t had the chance to try all areas of Purgatory Creek so I’ll tell you about Prospect Park. This section is so beautiful because of the open land and transparent skies. At the beginning of the walk you are led through a trail of lanky trees arching over you and the sound of different birds singing. You are then led to an wide field of grasses and a jaw dropping view of the San Marvelous sky. At that moment is when you open your arms, take a deep breath and smile!

I also had the pleasure of treating myself to some sushi at Sushi Zushi. A great adventure tends to work up an appetite for me and i love trying food from different cultures even though in the U.S. we tend to make our own spin on things which I like to call “Americanize”. Now sushi is a little pricey so I don’t have the chance to eat it all the time due to my life as college student, so when I eat it I tend to eat a lot of it. This was my first time trying Sushi Zushi and I must say that I’d go back there. The service was great and I loved the warm, modern, trendy vibe I experienced in the restaurant. The two rolls I ordered were the Boston roll (left) and the Spider roll (right). Both of these rolls had crab in them but the Boston roll had a different flavor to it I think because it was fried and had a sauce similar to the Chinese General Tso’s sauce whereas the Spider roll tasted a lot more raw and had a sauce called Japanese mayo.


One of the many things I love about living in the area of Austin is their live music concerts and festivals going on throughout the year. Austin’s appreciation for all types of music is one of the reasons i love the city and its personality ranging from food, culture, music and recreation. I was so excited when I found out that my brother bought tickets for me and my friends to the Big K.R.I.T #PayAttentionTour. Big K.R.I.T is a rapper/producer from Mississippi and has come to be one of my new favorite artists. If you like southern rap I would highly recommend you to check him out especially since he just released his new album called Cadillactica. Since Big K.R.I.T has this deep love for his Cadillacs try listening to the album in the car. Multi Til the Sun Die.

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Big Hero 6 aka Why They Do the Brotha Like That?

The Nerds of Color

Is it possible to love and be angry at a piece of art at the same time? These are the feelings that are vying for dominance after seeing Disney’s first foray into the Marvel archives: Big Hero 6.

My daughter and I saw it in 3-D in a theater where every seat was taken by people of color. Indian, Arabs, AAPI folks, African-Americans… I’ll type it again: In the sold out theater, every person there was a person of color. It was an astonishing sight and feeling. So much of the pre-film chatter were parents talking about “feeling comfortable” bringing their kids to see a film where the heroes “finally look, well, something like them.” This was the exact same reason that I brought my daughter… and the film looked cool as hell. And it was.

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Picturing the Ghost in the Machine: Pixel Drifting, Data Bending & Glitch Art.


Like ghosts captured on digital film between worlds, somewhere between the past, the present and the future, these are the haunting snapshots of transitionary moments that we were never meant to see. Straight out of the playbook of a William Gibson novel, these jarring images shock, jolt and seduce. There’s a bunch of different ways to achieve some of these results, without having to resort to inter-dimensional time travel. You can glitch up photos by opening them in Notepad, deleting or adding random data, then re-opening. If you want to go the animated gif route, you can use something like After Effects. There’s also a program called Pixel Drifter where you can chop up images in real time with jaw dropping results. Want to check out more? There are tons of lovely abstract ones here, a facebook group and even a tumblr devoted to dirty glitch over here (nsfw…

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