Medieval Memories

So this past weekend I went back home to see my dad in Houston! I was so excited just to spend the weekend relaxing with him since its been over a month that I have seen his face. Little did I know he had bought tickets to the Texas Renaissance Festival for us. I had been wanting to go for a long time now so I was stoked when he told me. The Texas Renaissance Festival is basically a festival that highlights the medieval eras in history through food, music, games and shows. It’s such a sight to see because everyone dresses up in the medieval costumes and has a great time! Here are some of the fun things to do at the festival:

  • Get fat off of delicious food from different cultures
  • Drench the Wench (basically a dunking contest)
  • Ride the elephants
  • Shop at the kiosks surrounding the festival

Oh and if you decide to go the Texas Renaissance Festival then I must suggest to you the giant turkey leg.

weird couplecarriage



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