Fun and Food App!

CentralTX Fun and Food is an app to share photos and suggestions to unique places to visit in the area of Central Texas as well as delicious food spots to eat at with family and friends! Simply post a picture of your food or attraction and tag in your location for other users to add to their list of Places to try. The location will also be linked to the actual website of food or attraction that you wanted to check out to get more information.

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Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds

We all know it’s the time of year to dress up as whoever you want to be! You guessed it… Halloween is approaching! I went with my friend to this popular costume store in Austin located on South Congress called Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds¬†searching for a costume. I was thinking about dressing up as a black butterfly or even Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers but I wasn’t for sure that I wanted to dress as that for Halloween. I walked into the costume store and felt like a kid in the candy store. The store had so much lively character from the awesome customer service to the vibrant colors all around the store. I’m so used to finding regular costumes at Party City but this place had literally everything in multiple sizes for costumes. If you are in the area and looking for a costume I really recommend that you check it out. They are even having a sale going on for renting the costume! Even if you aren’t buying a costume for Halloween I would go in there just to try costumes on!

costume jewlreymasks

We also stopped at this restaurant walking distance from the costume store called Hopdoddy. The burger was so juicy and tender and they have some of the best fries I have tasted: light and not too greasy!


Medieval Memories

So this past weekend I went back home to see my dad in Houston! I was so excited just to spend the weekend relaxing with him since its been over a month that I have seen his face. Little did I know he had bought tickets to the Texas Renaissance Festival¬†for us. I had been wanting to go for a long time now so I was stoked when he told me. The Texas Renaissance Festival is basically a festival that highlights the medieval eras in history through food, music, games and shows. It’s such a sight to see because everyone dresses up in the medieval costumes and has a great time! Here are some of the fun things to do at the festival:

  • Get fat off of delicious food from different cultures
  • Drench the Wench (basically a dunking contest)
  • Ride the elephants
  • Shop at the kiosks surrounding the festival

Oh and if you decide to go the Texas Renaissance Festival then I must suggest to you the giant turkey leg.

weird couplecarriage