Graffiti Park

This weekend my friends and I decided to head up to Austin and check out Graffiti Park on Baylor Street. At first I was curious to know how much graffiti we would actually get to see since that’s illegal but I was told from other people at the park that you can bring your spray paint cans and add to the awesome, vibrant and colorful art already displayed! For artists in the area, I would highly recommend you stopping by and adding to this beautiful canvas! I wouldn’t call it a park because it’s really an abandoned building lot but this canvas definitely gives Austin the personality that it’s known for: “Keep Austin Weird”. Besides all of the cool art you can also look out and see a nice skyline of the city! If you decide to stop by I suggest that you bring some shoes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty and your camera for memories!


It’s always mandatory to work up an appetite after sight seeing right? Trudy’s was perfect! If you love Tex-Mex this is the place to be. This well known restaurant in Austin has many different locations and has great prices. Trudy’s is no fancy dress up restaurant so come in your casual clothes with your appetite for good food. I ordered the fish tacos because who doesn’t love tacos?



About me

Hello! My name is Valarie Kiel and welcome to my blog! I am a student attending Texas State University in the lovely city San Marcos, Texas, or as I like to call it, San Marvelous. I am currently studying Advertising in the School of Mass Communication and Journalism.

I have always loved to go on adventures and find new things to do so most of my posts will be of me going to see popular attractions and of course eating delicious food in the area of Central Texas with my family and friends! I will also be posting through Instagram so feel free to follow me!